Below are publications related to our various programs. They are offered in PDF format as they are a common standard format and allow for easy download as well as printing if you like.

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Report on the 2015 Review of the
Child and Family Services Act

The report summarizes what children, youth, families and service providers in Ontario said about the ways the Act affects their lives – and the things about the Act that could be strengthened or improved. Thank you to all those who participated in the review.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Provincial Roundtable Report

The enclosed report is a culmination of a months-long commitment on the part of dedicated roundtable attendees to share their valuable insights about how to best improve outcomes for individuals affected by FASD across the lifespan. It includes diverse perspectives on how Ontario can best support awareness and prevention efforts, and improve services for individuals living with FASD.

Research Report: Background for an Inuit Children and Youth Strategy for Ontario–Final Report

January 2015
The Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre is engaging with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to develop an Inuit-specific element of a provincial Aboriginal Children and Youth Strategy. To help inform that strategy, literature on promising practices was reviewed.
Most of the literature consulted for this study is Inuit-specific, however there are also references to some Indigenous studies which specifically included Inuit communities and/or participants.
The review includes both promising and recommended practices. This means that some of the practices reported here have been tested and the literature summarizes the experience of communities, clients and practitioners with these practices. The review also includes practices that Inuit organizations and/or community members recommend, which may be based on their experience or on what would be effective in their judgment.

Our Children’s Songbook

A selection of popular children’s tunes in English, Inuktitut, and Roman Orthograhy.

OICC Program Handbooks:

Early Years’ Parent Handbook Inuktitut
Early Years’ Parent Handbook English

Bridging the Gap Handbook
Tukimut Parent Handbook

Nipivut – Our Voice

In January 2009, the OICC received funding from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (Urban Aboriginal Strategy) to conduct a community needs assessment for Inuit children 0-18 years of age and their families living in Ottawa. The purpose of the project was to collect information from parents that would support long-term planning, enhance program and resource development, increase collaboration, raise awareness and improve advocacy.

Nipivut Executive Summary – Inuktitut (8 pages)

Nipivut Full Report – Inuktitut (108 pages)

Nipivut Executive Summary – English (8 pages)

Nipivut Full Report – English (108 pages)

Parents as Authors Books – Sale Orders

With funding provided by Public Agency of Canada (PHAC), nine OICC parents wrote stories which resulted in 14 books, 13 of which have been translated into Inuktitut. A manual and DVD on how to facilitate a Parents as Authors program at your organization is also available in English, French and Inuktitut.

Book titles:
My Cat Mitten by Deborah Tagornak $8
Samuel’s Family by Deborah Tagornak $10
Princess Angnowya and her dog Diamond by Sue Qitsualik $10
Colours by Christine Kudluk $10
My Body by Deborah Tagornak $10
I am Inuk by Lynda Brown $10
And Baby Makes Tallimat by Jane Truelove $11
Little Clown by Louise Metcalfe $12
Little Inuk Hunter Patunguyaq by Sue Qitsualik $12
Aqsarniit by Lynda Brown $12
Nattiq’s Big Adventure by Heidi Langille $12
Now by Barbara Cayer $12
Things to do Outside by Maryann Appa Mark $12
Counting by Lynda Brown $14

Total set of 14 books, costs $ 155.00. Plus shipping, $180.00

For more information, contact Natalie at 613-744-3133 ext. 228