Tukimut Afterschool Program

Providing cultural, educational, and recreational activities for Inuit in grades 1 to 8.

Tukimut Afterschool program supports Inuit youth from ages 6-13 throughout the school year.

The program runs three nights a week from 4-7 pm with each night focusing on a different topic. Mondays are focused on culture with some homework support; Tuesdays we focus on active living with healthy eating; and Thursdays we focus on art and creativity.

Tukimut provides healthy meals and also transportation for those who don’t have any other way of getting to the program.

Each year we have graduating youth coming back and volunteering with the program.

Some of our popular activities:

Homework clubs • Culture nights • Recreation nights • Healthy food • Art classes • Flotilla for Friendship • Police/Youth Soccer Mentorship Program • Youth Steering Committee


• Many community members shared their knowledge especially during Culture Nights
• Meeting some of the Ottawa Senator’s Players
• The Youth Steering Committee volunteered many hours and contributed a great deal to programming

Tukimut Rap Song: Take a listen to this song written by the youth. Back up vocals, beat boxing, and drums provided by the AAC.
Recorded and back beat by Mosha Folger.


Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
United Way/Centraide Ottawa

For more information, call Thomas, 613-746-5400, ext.224 – [email protected]

Link to Tukimut Family Handbook

Link to Thomas’ biography