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On February 13, 2014, CYCC held their second Wisdom2Action event here in Ottawa. OICC was invited to be there and asked to speak on how we have successfully woven Inuit Culture into our Early Years and Youth programs to help build wellness and a strong sense of cultural identity into our programs. For more information, […]

CBC News, Posted: Nov 13, 2014 A group of young Inuit got the chance to show off their talents to Princess Anne during her recent visit to Ottawa. On Tuesday, her royal highness met with kids and parents at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre. Karen Baker Anderson is the centre’s executive director. During the visit, […]

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BY TIM BAINES, OTTAWA SUN POSTED: MONDAY, DECEMBER 08, 2014 Participants in Tuesday’s NHLPA Goals and Dreams Cup line up before facing off. (Lindsey Gibeau, Valberg Imaging) When Michelle Valberg came up with an idea to send some used hockey equipment up north, she had no idea how it would blossom, how much of an […]

Aljazeera 2014-11-23: NEWS: Urban Inuit: Nomads from the Arctic find new home in Canada’s capital OTTAWA, Canada — Dion Metcalfe pulls up his shirt to reveal an inukshuk tattooed onto his stomach. The stone cairn, used to guide or mark a path in the North, is coupled with a compass and the names of his […]