Akwe:go Program

Providing holistic support for Inuit children ages 7-12 in need of additional supports.

The Akwe:go program serves up to 20 children at a time. It provides direct, individualized services for children and their families including referrals to other community resources, i.e. I love to Skate, tutoring, and school supports.

“Tauki’s swimming skills are way better now, he enjoys swimming so much more.”

“I’m so thankful for everything you do. My daughter loves this program.”


  • I love to Cook
  • I love to Skate
  • I love to Swim
  • Tutoring
  • Home Visits
  • School Visits
  • Girl’s Night
  • Boy’s Night
  • Recreational and physical activities
  • Cultural activities


  • Having Inuit Elder every Tuesday night
  • Foster children being able to visit with parents during programming
  • Taking kids to the ‘A Promise is A Promise’ Play


Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres

For more information, call Nikkutai Folger, 613-746-5400, ext. 222 – [email protected]